The Airinum Urban Air Mask is built on 3 foundations:

1) Protection. People that know this industry also know that the big determining factor to if a mask will protect you well is fit and filtration in combination. Air takes the easiest way to your lungs, so fit is the most important, and second filtration efficiency. Our mask, therefore, uses a 4 sizing system developed and designed to fit most types of faces. It also has an adjustable nose-clip and a 3D memory nose foam to decrease leakage. Finally, it uses a triple filter technology tested in one of the world's most advanced laboratories in Sweden.

2) Comfort. If you've tested a couple of masks you know that if it isn't easy to breathe in them, you won't use them after some time. Our mask, therefore, uses an innovative exhalation valve developed and designed in Sweden. It acts as a ventilation system for the mask - removing moist, heat and carbon dioxide. Another big thing when it comes to masks is how comfortable it is to actually wear them for the long-term. This is why our mask is adjustable and equipped with an extra head strap. Together this gives a better fit while still decreasing the pressure on your ears. It also has a changeable filter system so that you can wash the outside and plug in new filters to stay hygienic. 

3) Design. In our opinion, design does not need to compromise functionality. The Urban Air Mask is therefore designed to last. Its reusable modern Swedish design makes it stay an everyday lifestyle accessory just as long as any other item in your wardrobe.

In essence, this is what makes the mask unique. The best proof for you though is probably to know that the Airinum Urban Air Mask has been sold and is loved by customers in more than 60+ countries.