Since 2015, Airinum has worked on building the best mask on the market designed to empower end consumers. In order to do so, we never bought off the shelves components but instead designed them from scratch and pushed innovation. Our products are not designed for medical or industrial use, but the intention of the mask has been to make it optimal for everyday civil use, by bridging technology, functionality and design. 

As a result, we have been building a new category among masks, and we have carried out the most useful test for its purpose. We have diligently struck the balance between optimal filtration capacity with minimal breathing resistance. We’ve tested and iterated several times to reach what we think is the best overall functionality. 

Recent developments in the world have led to re-classification of products. Masks, in particular, have been forced to undergo stricter certifications, and since the mask market for end consumers is uncharted territory, most masks automatically fall under the standards of industrial use. While a certification or standard may give some indication of the reliability of the product, they don’t offer any insights to the product's true performance without looking under the hood, reading the details of the test reports itself. 

While our product has no problem passing any of the industrial tests, the lead time to complete the CE process was unfortunately long. We used an accredited CE test lab and passed all the tests for CE in 2019. Yet, the Covid-19 outbreak caused a delay in the process time and we have not finalized and received the formal certificate from the notified body. Hence, we could not CE mark our products in the latest production batches. We aim to complete the full CE marking for future production.

When it comes to export and import, each country has different regulations & requirements. We believe that most countries will agree with our classification of the mask for civil use, but there is a chance that custom in some countries will classify our masks as industrial (just because it is a mask) and may then require CE marking. If any customer would face such a problem, please contact us immediately and we will help you out. In case the product won’t be able to reach you due to regulations such as CE, Airinum will offer a full refund as well as cover any shipping charges.

All the Airinum Urban Air masks have been carefully assessed and tested/certified by the following institutions:

  • RISE: 'Research Institutes of Sweden’: Our filter performed a filtration capacity of over 95% of 0.3 micrometers. To read the full report, please click here.

  • GB2626:2019 (KN95): Chinese industrial standard. Products that pass this certificate obtain a filtration efficiency to filter out a minimum of 95% of particles sized as small as 0.3 micrometers. To read more about the full test, click here.

  • GB/T 32610-2016: Chinese industrial standard. To read more about the full test, click here.

  • CNS 15980: Taiwanese industrial standard. To read more about the full test, click here.