Follow the instructions below with the help of figures 1-4 or watch the video below.

1. Put on the Lite Air Mask.

Put the earloops around your ears. Make sure the nose-foam is placed on the bridge of your nose. 

2. Attach the head clip around your head.

Bring the head clip around your head and attach the hooks to the remaning free earloop. Adjust between hooks 1-4 until a comfortable & snug fit has been achieved. 

3. Shape thenasal area of the mask to match your facial shape. 

The filter has a built-in nose-clip which should be shaped so that the nose-foam creates a snug fit around your nose.

4. Perform a sealing check. 

Place both hands over the front of the mask. BE careful not to change the positioning of the mask. Perform a sharp inhalation. If a full sealing has been achieved, the front of the mask should move slightly inwards towards your face. If not, and you feel that air is leaking in at the edges of the mask, a full sealing has not been achieved. Redo the adjustments above, change the hook on the head clip and reshape the nose-clip and redo the sealing check. Repeat until a full seal has been achieved.